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Why do we need a Network?

How are governments to meet the challenges and legal requirements regarding accessibility and Design for All/Universal Design? How can they ensure that all their citizens' and visitors’ rights are respected? How can they promote universal participation in society? What is the role of not-for-profit organisations with members in a particular region? How can commercial organisations contribute to their local community?

Initiatives which only make use of local resources may be piecemeal and lack continuity. Those undertaken at national level may not be sufficiently targeted, or may not have international impact, or may not take into account all relevant factors. In either case, the expected results may not be achieved and unncecessary costs may be incurred. 

To help address these issues, the Design for All Foundation, a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation, has set up the Network for Excellence of Towns and Cities for All, with the aim of developing and sharing knowledge regarding accessibility and Design for All/Universal Design.

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